Digital Archiving and Preservation

In order to ensure ongoing accessibility and long-term preservation the following measures have been implemented:

Journal website:

All digital Journal content is stored on a secure server which is backed up frequently. In the event of a problem, the back-up will be restored within 24 hours.

On other sites:

Articles in digital format are archived on SciELO SA. All content within SciELO SA is digitally preserved through Portico. Portico is an international digital preservation service. The content is preserved as an archival version and is not publically accessible but can be retrieved when required under certain circumstances, such as discontinuation of the collection or catastrophic failure of the website.

In addition, all scholarly material is registered and deposited at the South African National Library in accordance with the Legal Deposit Act of 1997.


Authors may archive the final published version of their articles in personal or institutional repositories immediately after publication.